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Everything You Need To Know About Yakuza Tattoos

If you are looking for a tattoo that symbolizes mystery, wealth and power, the yakuza tattoo may be the right choice for you. 

The rich cultural tradition of Japan where body art is a deeply valued part of life, lends itself to the creation of complex and meaningful symbols. The degree of secrecy surrounding these tattoos, coupled with the pain-free way in which they are created and the symbolic associations with the Japanese underworld gives this type of tattoo art an intrigue that draws followers like moths to a flame. Those looking for something more straightforward, but equally beautiful, can find the perfect match in the form of yakuza tattoo, which can truly be considered a work of art with its bold designs, strong images and powerful statements.

The yakuza tattoo can be defined as a symbol that represents the fierce courage of a person who wants to protect their rights and pursue their own goals. 

The meaning can vary depending on the individual. Traditionally, the symbolism behind the tattoo has always represented the role of the entrepreneur in Japanese society. However, today, the meaning can be interpreted in much the same way as a detective or a military unit member.

The Japanese Mafia is well-known for its powerplay, especially during times of peace. They have power and influence inside as well as outside of the country. Their main aim is to achieve economic success. It doesn’t end there. They’re also into politics, international trade and banking. In short, the yakuza tattoo conveys the idea of unlimited power and unlimited opportunity.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the design and artistry that the yakuza tattoos exclude. 

If you take a look it’s mystery, eloquence and strength in the form of a painting. It’s almost like an elegant piece of artwork that speaks on your behalf. You can find the outline of the koi fish and samurai swords on many yakuza tattoos. If you look closely, the design and shape of the koi fish are very similar to the Japanese samurai sword. In the history of the Japanese Empire, the koi fish symbolizes eternity and strength.

The most important factor when it comes to getting the perfect yakuza tattoo is that you need to be a true fan of Japanese culture and traditional Japanese tattooing techniques. Because of the prevalence of the symbol of yakuza in Japan, you should also have a deep appreciation for the cultural tradition. Without having a proper appreciation for this rich culture, it would be hard to appreciate a yakuza tattoo in its original form.

The ink used for yakuza tattoos is usually all black. 

The reason for this is to make it easier for the artist to use a thicker black ink and blend in perfectly with the Japanese characters. Some people mistakenly think that the Japanese characters are made out of black paint. However, this is not the case, as the ink used for the art is done in different shades of black.

The designs are usually inspired by old Japanese Shinto legends and mythology. 

You can see some of these legends and images in traditional Japanese ink drawings. Most people who decide to get this kind of tattoo usually use kanji characters as the base characters. Kanji is based on Chinese alphabet, which in turn is based on Latin alphabet.

Another popular theme that you can find in Japanese ink drawings is that of dragons. These mythical creatures are known to be strong, brave and powerful. This is why people who want to get this kind of tattoos end up choosing yakuza tattoos with dragons as their base design. From here, they fill the design with colors depending on what kind of color scheme the person likes.

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