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Fire Tattoo Meanings

Fire Tattoo Designs and Fire Tattoo Meaning

A fire will burn someone, but also heat. It is light while destroying houses. Fire and flame tattoos can be a warning or an encouragement.

A fire will burn someone, but also heat. It is light while destroying houses. Fire and flame tattoos can be a warning or an encouragement.

Fire tattoo design 1

The addition of the flame in a different symbol, so that the content or emphasized. This is an incredibly effective way to update older tattoos.

that the relationship better and more passionate, very complex, like a fire.

In the Eastern tradition, fire is considered masculine and usually with Yang or the male aspect of the universe (of the feminine yin), respectively.

The fire is so important for human development. Fire at the disposal of old with light in the darkness, the heat too easy to survive in the cold, cooked food to their diet, to protect humans and animals, other, and the ability to melt metal in the tools of enlargement, hunting, agriculture, construction and the revolution.

Fire tattoo design 2

Without fire, man would not survive, the species we are today. Perhaps more than any other invention, fire, and the ability to fire under control was one of the greatest human achievements. But the fire is not under human control.

Fire tattoo design 3

Even today, destroying hundreds of acres of wild forest fires, the consumption of whole neighborhoods to take thousands of lives, and even whole villages were destroyed. Here, the symbol is derived from the heat treatment. When the fire is constructive and useful, it can help shape the world, but if the fire is destructive and harmful, it can be very expensive.

Fire tattoo design 4

In a broader sense, fire is one of the four elements, including water, earth, and wind. The fire has an important spiritual significance in many cultures, The fire has a great influence on the rituals, ceremonies, and stories in Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, Buddhism, and mythology. Because fire purifies, which is still on, it is often used in ceremonies of purification, rebirth, and purification. Interestingly, the fire in the stories of doom and curses, and the traditions of renewal and enlightenment. The fire is the fire of the house to the family tradition to perform. The outbreak was considered the heart of the family because she would not survive without the family. But, strangely, the herd often resulting in the death of the family when the fire spread and became uncontrollable. Also widely used in fire magic, but was also the main method for the removal of witches.

Fire tattoo design 5

Flames can stand alone as a tattoo design and are incredibly flexible. This can be in any form or adjustment is necessary in order to bring true. Flames in itself may be for power, passion, intensity, or stand. In addition, the flames do not necessarily in an existing design. A burning candle is a symbol of wisdom and light in a dark world. Great scholars old and worked long into the night, writing and reading by candlelight.

Fire tattoo design 6

Phoenix birds and dragons are usually tattooed with fire because it is an essential part of the folklore surrounding these mythical creatures. Created dragon fire to defend themselves and fight against the flames, while the Phoenix destroyed by fire and regenerates.

Fire tattoo design 7

The flames are also a good way to get a tattoo and a tattoo artist experienced unwanted able to customize a design for the desired effect is to cover. It also gives great importance for the tattoo – it was seen cleaned or removed by fire and the person is a renewal and rebirth. This is both an accurate physical and philosophical sense.

Fire tattoo design 8

Flames can be tattooed in many ways and are favored by men and women as a design element. Normally stylized flames will also be difficult to achieve realistic looking flames, with a tattoo and require a high degree of skill and talent. Flames are usually tattooed in orange, red, and yellow, but other colors can be selected to further illustrate the importance or because of stylistic preferences. Black flames are not uncommon and seemingly contradictory blue flame, chemical burn or fire magic, flame design represented with green or purple.

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