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Flag Tattoo Meanings

Flag Tattoo Designs and meanings

For people who have a great love for a place, flags are visible immediately to the pride expressed. The same applies to organizations under the flag – a flag, you can fly. Originally, the flags were not flown as emblems of nations and organizations. First achieved widespread use on the battlefield as a way for the military to coordinate their actions in the chaos of war.

They continued to use it as a visual signaling system for communication via the mouth was impossible for many centuries later – for example on the sea, where ships’ crews could identify with each other and share their intentions.

USA flag tattoo design

In the late 18th century was the rise of nationalist sentiments, and was published the first national flag. Well, they are deeply rooted in any place of cultural identity, and stained with these characters on their own bodies is a way to take advantage of this identity.

Flag tattoo design

Designs simple and easiest is a special flag, emblem, instead of an actual flag texture. The advantages are a) it is a simple look for those who like a minimalist style and b) they look like, crisp and clear recognizable features in a small square on the body, while a flag with simulated waves (as if flowing in the wind) is less clear at smaller sizes.

USA flag tattoo

Many designs, however, try to change the appearance of a capture the flag with wrinkles and folds, which often fly high and the wind as it took. Such models can also be an advantage of being non-rectangular according to the working part of the body.

Japan flag tattoo

Skin rip variants also saw an advantage. These designs simulate against the flag under the skin, symbolically, the subscriber is a patriot inside is fully representative of their country.

CYMRU flag tattoo

Designs can come and go, the integration of different types of bones and muscles in the design of the flag. This effect is the organic aspect of the design of the thoracic skin but uses the positioning of the anatomical features and colors of the flag of the proposal form.

England Flag Tattoo

Some models avoid the use of color or the actual physical design of a flag, rather than simply inferred from all the emblems of the flag, the flag of Mexico, as this tattoo (above). It works well for a large flag symbol or picture, in contrast to a variety of colors and lines.

Canadian Flag Tattoo

Some tattoo designs also raise the flag (or iconography) with text, often a patriotic slogan or a sign of solidarity. This is particularly popular with people who served in the army. Flag tattoo designs show a total sense of pride, much more effective than the miniature flag wherever you are. They serve as a constant reminder of who you are and where you came from.

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